Seriously, this has to be one of our favorite dresses right now. We found it at this amazing etsy shop called We Are The Wild Ones Lulubean looooves to dance in this dress and everytime she puts it on she says “Mama I’m princess Lulu!”
We are the Wild Ones is based out of Toronto. Her sense of style is perfection. If I could, I would buy every single piece from her shop, especially that Gizmo doll that I had when I was 4 years old and never let go of. Or the Thundercats thermos?!!! Who didn’t love the Thundercats? See. Now you should head over to her shop and check out all the amazing pieces she has.
Ps. Moccs on Lulubean are bananas! They are Lil Fut by Django. The most incredible moccs out there for toddlers. Debating on what color will be our next.






Anyone else as obsessed with reversible kids clothes as I am? When I saw that Duchess and Lion made these sweet shorts, I was all over it. Two for one? I’m in. Black and cream? I’m in. Stripes and stripes? I’m soooo in.
Cream and mauve are the new black for me, especially for my sun-kissed girls now. (We just moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area 3 months ago) Our little Bobo raindrops with the cream side of these shorts was heaven. And a nice pair of birkis, duh! Sooo LA.
Now I bought the Mini Rodini snakes dress for Baby J and when we received it, Lulubean and I veto’d it for J and decided she needed it as a top. It works amazingly with these shorts since they have a balloon look to them. Lulubean said the squares on the snakes matches perfectly with the checkers on her Vans slip ons. My hands were raised and I was stoked!
Can you believe I’m on my lunch break at work writing this? I’m knee deep in sale at Barney’s and all I can think about are these amazing outfits I styled for Lulubean at 7am. 😂 Crazy? I know. (Yes, I took these photos that early)

First off, I’d like to apologize for the massive emails any of you received from my blog. I was doing some changes and trying to figure things out and realized (half asleep) that I was posting and deleting like a mad woman! Good news is, is that I figured it out! ha! Now I am able to post more frequently and you all will be in the Mini Muse loop.
Since it is midnight I am going to make this one short and sweet with a Baby J outfit of the day…
striped henley by Stella McCartney kids and shorts by Peek ❤ Moni

photo 22

photo 12
photo 12